The rest of the working world is winding down today, skipping out of work early for that pre-Turkey happy hour as visions of yams and pumpkin pie dance in their heads.

But the Phillies front office is still in action, and will likely remain so for the forseeable future.

Here is an update on where things stand:

1) Jamie Moyer: This continues to be the No. 1 priority. Everyone expects him to return. It's just a matter of hammering this thing out. Both sides have been very quiet about the actual negotiations. But I'd assume what is going to end up happening is Moyer will either get a one-year deal with a club option and healthy buyout for the second year or a two year deal with a club option for the third.

2) Other starting pitching: There have been several reports in recent days about the Phillies' interest in Blue Jays ace A.J. Burnett, but I wouldn't read too much into them, at least judging by what has been written about the righty's asking price. The Phillies have made contact with upwards of 25 free agents to gauge potential matches, and talking isn't the same thing as dancing. They were intrigued by Burnett around the tradingdeadline. There is no question he has no-hit stuff when he is on, but concerns about health and attitude have always surounded him, and that combined with Toronto's asking price quickly sent the Phillies back-pedalling. The Phils might consider Burnett an option, but I wouldn't get excited just yet.

3) Pat Burrell: The latest reports out of California are that the Angels might look at Burrell as a potential middle-of-the-order solution should Mark Texeira sign elsewhere. There is going to be a market for Burrell. I just don't think it will develop until after some of the other dominoes -- namely Manny Ramirez and Texeira -- fall into place.