Here are some comments from Pat Gillick about his selection to the Hall of Fame:

Could you have envisioned what happened after taking the job as Phillies GM?

"I don't think so. I was asked about some decisions that I made and the first one was probably not firing Charlie. That was one of the better decisions I made, but probably the best one I made was coming to the Phillies and not going with the Dodgers. At least I made the right decision going with the Phillies. It was a good move – good, solid ownership, good, solid president."

Question about even coming back to be a GM at that time?

"Not really. I thought I wanted to come back. The year before that, I interviewed with the Dodgers and I thought it would be kind of neat because I went to school in L.A. and I'll finish up in L.A. It ended up that I didn't get the job. Paul DePodesta got the job. Then after I didn't get the job in L.A., I kind of felt like I wanted to come back and show the Dodgers that they made a mistake. Then the Dodgers offered me a position and I decided to go with the Phillies."

What was attractive about the Phillies?

"I knew Charlie from the American League and I knew Charlie was a baseball guy and I knew what the nucleus of the team was, so I thought I'd have to do a little bit of jiggling and a little bit of juggling of the roster. As I told you guys, I didn't think we'd do anything in '07, but our guys got hot and the Metsies got a little cold and we got in there in '07 when I thought it was probably going to be '08 before we were competitive again."

Do you think this happens if you don't come to Philadelphia and win a world series?

"I don't think it would have happened unless I come back to Philly and we win a division championship in '07 and '08."

What do you want the text on your plaque to say?

"I'm thankful. I'm just really thankful for the people I've had a chance to work with. As I look back, I had a tremendous amount of people with whom I worked with and supported me. As I said (on the podium), you can't do this job alone, so consequently a lot of people through the years have given me advice. Some advice I've taken and some I haven't taken, but all in all it couldn't have been done without them."

Already thinking about your speech?

Seriously, I'm going to ask the Hall, but I want somebody else to give my speech. I don't know if that's permissible, but I'm going to ask. I would like somebody else.

Why is that important?

It's just something I want to do. People that have passed away have others speak for them."

Former Phillies general manager Pat Gillick was elected to the Hall of Fame this morning. Here's the official announcement from Major League Baseball:

Pat Gillick, who built three World Series champions and has served baseball for nearly 50 years, has been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by the Expansion Era Committee, it was announced today.