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Phillies increase ticket prices

The Phillies will be increasing ticket prices in most areas of Citizens Bank Park for 2011 by $2 to $5 per game.

Coming off a franchise attendance record, the Phillies will be increasing ticket prizes in most areas of Citizens Bank Park for 2011 by $2 to $5.

Season ticketholders have been sent renewal invoices this week reflecting the change.

Single-game tickets in the lower bowl from sections 1115-132 and rows 1-6 along the baselines have increased to $65 from $60. Tickets along the baselines in sections 112-114 and 133-135 have also increased $5, to $50. Tickets in the outfield (sections 101-107, 140-148) are $36, up from $33.

Tickets for the Pavilion deck, Terrace deck, rooftop bleachers and standing room only remain unchanged.

Full season ticket plans range from $4,930 in the lower bowl and baseline to $1,316 in the terrace and pavilion decks.

"It's never easy," John Weber, the Phillies' vice president of ticket sales, said. "We want to remain family affordable ... Families are the backbone of our success. We want to keep things as low as we possibly can, and we think we have done that with this scenario."

Weber said the Phillies look around the league and at comparable markets "each and every year and adjust to the different factors." He also pointed to the high demand on the secondary ticket market for Phillies tickets.

The Phillies capped season-ticket sales at 28,500 last season to insure tickets were available for groups and single-game purchases. Weber said the cap could be in place again at the same figure, if needed. The Phillies are collecting information and deposits for a waiting list, should current season ticketholder decide not to renew.

He also said the Phillies are not planning to cut back on any of their promotions "to make it a fun environment for our fans to come out and watch Phillies baseball."

Six-game plans will go on sale in late November or early December. Single-game tickets will go on sale Feb. 17.

The Phillies set a home attendance record of 3,647,249 and will enter the 2011 with a streak of 123 consecutive sellouts. The average attendance was 45,028.

"We have gotten unbelievable fan support," Weber said. "It's pretty incredible."

According to Team Marketing Report, the Phillies' average ticket price in 2010 was $32,99, which was fifth in baseball and had reflected a 6.1 percent increase from the previous season.

Here are the single-game prices for 2011 and 2010:

Infield (115-132) and baseline rows 1-6 up to $65 from $60
Baseline (112-114, 133-135) up to $50 from $45
Baseline (108-111, 136-139) up to $47 from $45
Outfield (101-107, 140-148) up to $36 from $33
Pavilion (206-211) up to $36 from $33
Arcade (233-237) up to $36 from $33
Scoreboard porch (241-245) up to $40 from $38, including a $10 credit for food, beverage and merchandise
Pavilion (201-205) up to $30 from $28
Pavilion (306-310) up to $28 from $26
Pavilion Deck (301-305) remain at $20
Terrace (312-329) up to $36 from $34
Terrance (330-333) up to $28 from $26
Terrace deck (412-429) up to $28 from $26
Terrance deck (430-434) remain at $20
Rooftop bleachers remain at $28, including $10 credit for food, beverage and merchandise
Standing room only remain at $17