This just in. . .

One of the coolest tributes I have heard of thus far took place in the Phillies dugout prior to their 9-8 win over the Washington Nationals today. Several Phillies, including center fielder Shane Victorino, first baseman Ryan Howard and reliever Scott Eyre, lit up a cigarette and passed it around in honor of Kalas, whose smoking habit was almost as legendary as his play-by-play calls.

Victorino said the tribute, which was captured by television cameras, was a fitting one.

"I asked for it and a couple of other guys thought it would be cool to do," he said. "It was like, why not? So we called who we could -- I forget who had 'em, but we got 'em.

"I just thought, what did you always see him doing, other than broadcasting or being with his family? It's an HK thing, you know? It's so sad. Just sad."