Listed below is today's lineup for the Phillies home game against the Braves. You can look at this one of two ways:

1) Just another list of players who will provide background for a whole lot of beer-drinking.

2) A good indication of the Phillies' thought-process with regards to their Opening Day roster.

I'm going to go with scenario No. 2 for a couple of reasons. First, the Phillies are playing split squad today. Second, the home game is the one where they'll be facing Jair Jurrjens, whom they should face plenty of times this season.

Here's the lineup for the home game against the Braves:

1. Jimmy Rollins SS

2. Placido Polanco 3B

3. Shane Victorino CF

4. Jim Thome DH

5. Hunter Pence RF

6. John Mayberry Jr.

7. Scott Podsednik LF

8. Carlos Ruiz C

9. Freddy Galvis 2B

A couple of interesting observations:

First, Scott Podsednik is starting in left field. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Manuel elected to keep him at home to face Jurrjens in a lineup that features all of the Phillies' healthy regulars. And maybe it is just a coincidence that he elected to send Juan Pierre on the long bus trip down to Port Charlotte to face the Rays. Or, maybe he wants to see Podsednik against a pitcher like Jurrjens in a lineup like the one the Phillies will be using during the regular season.

Second, John Mayberry Jr. is starting at first base. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Manuel elected to put him there. And maybe it is a coincidence that he elected to send Ty Wigginton on the long bus trip south. But Manuel has indicated on several occasions that he likes Mayberry's defense at first base. And if Podsednik really is a legit option in left field, maybe that allows Manuel to use Mayberry at first instead of left during the regular season.

Third, Freddy Galvis is starting at second base. Maybe it is just coincidence, but Galvis has played a lot of second base lately. And the Phillies have not seen great play out of the other utility infielders in camp. The Phillies have made it clear that they want Galvis playing every day in the minors instead of playing part-time in the majors. And they continue to insist that they think Chase Utley will be ready to play on Opening Day. But I'm curious if the Phillies are starting to see Galvis as an option at second base should Utley end up missing a significant chunk of time at some point during the regular season.

Just some things to chew on.