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Still no timetable for Rollins' return

Jimmy Rollins was eligible to be activated from the disabled list yesterday. Instead, he began making preparations to return to Clearwater, Fla., where he will continue his rehabilitation program when the Phillies depart for a six-game interleague road trip through Boston and New York City.

In other words, don't expect him back any time soon.

Manager Charlie Manuel indicated a Rollins return was unlikely to occur within the next week, and the short stop himself made it sound like it will take longer than that. Rollins, who returned to the disabled list on May 22 after re-injuring his strained calf while running to first in the sixth inning of a 5-1 win over the Red Sox, has been jogging and taking batting practice, but has yet to sprint or simulate running the bases.

Rollins said he had no idea about a potential return date, or how long the injury might linger.

"I guess it's possible it could linger my whole life," Rollins said. "I talked to (ESPN analyst and former major leaguer Aaron Boone), and he said he blew his out a couple times and it doesn't bother him to the point where he feels like he is going to injure it, but he wakes up and sometimes with a reminder that he did it once. I talked to Shane, talked to Dobbs. Shane (Victorino) still does all of his work, and that was two years ago. (Greg) Dobbs said the same thing. Every once in awhile it lets you know you pulled it."

So how long are we talking? A week? A couple weeks? A month? A couple months?

Is the picture that hazy?

"It better not be a month," Rollins said. "But basically" it is that unclear.