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Taguchi gets the start in right field

About a half hour before game time here. A military brass band is playing. Feels like Memorial Day. Quite possibly the best weather we've had for a home game thus far this season.

First, the line-up:

Only real big change is So Taguchi starting in right field for the first time this season. Geoff Jenkins has been hot, but he doesn't hit lefties well at all, and the Rockies have Jorge De La Rosa tonight. Then again, just about everyone has hit Jorge De La Rosa well this season.

1. Jimmy Rollins SS

2. Shane Victorino CF

3. Chase Utley 2B

4. Ryan Howard 1B

5. Pat Burrell LF

6. Pedro Feliz 3B

7. Chris Coste C

8. So Taguchi RF

9. Jamie Moyer LHP


Chuck Notes. . .

No real big news to come out of pre-game. Manuel said he made the switch to Taguchi in order to get him some more at-bats. Taguchi has struggled this season, but he has fewer than 50 at bats, so he hasn't had a real chance to get in a groove. His last start came May 8 in Arizona.

Manuel on the opportunity in this 10-game home stand as far as making up some ground in the NL East race: "Actually I'd like to see us get about a five, six, seven game lead and see what we can do. I'd love to see that. We've never got out front. It'd be great to have a lead sometime and see how good we can play.

We've nver been 10, 12, 15 games over .500. I'd like to see us get there one time early."