Newspapers are like life in that they have deadlines. They are unlike life in that if you miss that deadline hundreds of thousands of people won't be able to read about the Phillies game while staining the sports section with the milk ring on the bottom of their bowl of Apple Jacks. There is a good chance you are one of them, thanks to the fact that last night's game lasted a brisk five hours and 17 minutes. But even if you did get the story in the paper, or haven't heard of the internet - which would be fairly difficult considering the fact that you are currently on the internet reading this story - here are a number of news, notes and analyses that may or may not have gotten into the paper, but even if they did are worth expanding on.

1) Kyle Kendrick threw about 40 pitches while warming up in the bullpen last night. Charlie Manuel was all set to bring him in had Chris Coste not one the game with a walk-off base hit in the bottom of the 13th. Rudy Seanez could not pitch more than an inning, Manuel said. It did not come to that, and both Kendrick and Manuel said the young righthander should not be impacted at all when he starts tonight against Johan Santana. I'd expect the Phillies to bring up another arm anyway. Maybe. . .

2) As Kendrick was warming in the bullpen last night, I was cruising trying to figure out who the Phillies would end up starting tonight if Kendrick got into the game. J.A. Happ started last night, Carlos Carrasco started recently, as did minor league veteran Brian Mazone. The two options I came up with? Andrew Carpenter, who pitched well in his lone spring training appearance and has seemed revitalized since returning to Double A from a brief demotion. And. . .drumroll please. . .Kris Benson, the veteran righthander who has spent most of the past couple months pitching for Triple A Lehigh Valley. Benson last pitched on Aug. 22, so he was scheduled to start tonight for the IronPigs. Would have been interesting to see what they would have done.

3) Unheralded hero of the game? Jayson Werth. I still can't believe he managed to score from first base on Eric Bruntlett's double in the ninth. The ball was cut off by the center fielder in the gap, but Werth chugged around thrid and tiptoed across the plate. Werth also had one of the game's great defensive plays when he barehanded a bouncing ball that looked destined to be a double and gunned David Wright out at second base. Oh yeah, he also had three hits.

4) Unheralded hero of the game, No. 2? Steve Smith. Smith sent Werth, one night after he sent him from second base on a groundout, manufacturing a run.

5) Remember way back in the fifth inning when Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard connected on home runs? That wasn't my favorite hit of the inning. That designation belonged to the double Clay Condrey - Clay Condrey! - laced down the left field line.

6) Mark Kotsay is a Red Sock (I think that's the singular of Red Sox, though I confess I'm not completely sure), so cross his name off your wish list. Adam Eaton will be back as a Phillie by the end of the season.

7) Big ups to the crew over at the Philadium for staying open late so myself, Rich Hofmann, Kevin Roberts, Paul Hagen, and Billy Sample could grab a few much needed brews after last night's game.