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Vegas likes the Cliff Lee signing

Maybe those of you who had your hearts and wallets broken by Jacoby Jones two-point conversion catch that sent last night's game to overtime (Texans were +3, ended up losing by six on an interception return for a touchdown), can roll your losses into a futures bet on the Phillies.

It won't pay as much as it would have before last night.

After news of the Cliff Lee deal broke, the Phillies became 7/2 favorites to win the 2011 World Series, according to the sports book at

They opened the offseason at 6/1, trailing the Yankees, who were at 4/1.

Other odds of note:

Red Sox 5/1
Yankees 6/1
Giants 12/1
Twins 18/1
Cards 18/1
Braves 20/1
Reds 20/1
Rockies 20/1
Rays 20/1
Rangers 20/1
Mets 35/1

Over/Under on Phillies regular season wins in 2011: 96

. . .on Cliff Lee total wins: 17

. . .on total wins by Phillies Big 4: 61