We're here in St. Petersburg, where it is 72 degrees and fluorescent.

I'm not a big fan of indoor baseball. There's a reason the Rays are still struggling to draw more than 20,000 a night, except on nights where Ludacris performs a post-game profanity-free concert (True story. It happened on June 13th against Washington. The Rays drew a little over 30,000. That should tell you two things: 1) Bay-Area residents wouldn't know good baseball if Tom Emanski himself taught the course, 2) Bay-Area residents hate good music.)

But I'll tell you when I am a big fan of indoor baseball: When it is 90 degrees with 800 percent humidity and no breeze. It is hot here in Florida, which is kind of like saying it is smelly here in New Jersey, except that it is reallly hot here in Florida, even by Florida's rather lofty standards. I was watching CNN in the hotel exercise room today and according to the broadcast, it broke 100 degrees in Vero Beach yesterday. It's hotter than Ryan Howard with acute sinusitis.

Speaking of Howard. . .

He is the lineup tonight and will be the designated hitter. He originally was listed at first base, but that has been changed. Howard was hospitalized twice over the weekend and diagnosed with acute sinusitis.

Other observations from early batting practice:

1) Raul Ibanez took some hacks. Ibanez is eligible to come off the DL on July 3.

2) Matt Stairs put on a show. I don't know if anyone has ever hit a ball out of the Trop. Given the roof that covers it, I would guess not. But if anyone can, it is the Wonder Hamster (Yeah, I said Wonder Hamster. Google it.)

That's all for now. . .