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The Phillies are the Plaza Steak of the NL East

I have yet to sign my first endorsement deal, but when I do, I hope that it will be for the Plaza Steak. What, you ask, is the Plaza Steak? It's a sandwich, and it's living proof that God loves us. The fine people down at Plaza Pizza on Fourth and Spring Garded concocted this wonderful medley of meat, tiny bits of chopped-up pepperoni, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Granted, you should be required to sign a liability waiver before you eat it, but if you don't mind a little plaque on your arteries, you can't go wrong with this thing. . .

That would make the Phils the Plaza Steak of the NL East right now, seeing as though they are back in first place.

Thoughts, observations and other junk from my mind:

1) Chase Utley is on pace for more than 50 home runs, which would eclipse the major league record of 42 home runs by a second baseman held by Rogers Hornsby and Davey Johnson. Will he get it?

2) Jamie Moyer once again ate up innings and gave the offense a chance to win. Can he keep this up all season?

3) Geoff Jenkins had a huge pinch-hit home run. Even huger1 was the decision by Charlie Manuel to put Jenkins in. If it were me, I would have put Greg Dobbs in the game. Yeah, it's a situation for a power hitter. And, yeah, Moyer was still in the game and would have needed a pinch-hitter at some point. But Dobbs has been KILLING relievers this season. And he's got as many pinch-hit home runs this season (1) as Jenkins has in his career. So I would have gone Dobbs. And I would have been wrong.

4) What's up with the Tom Gordon hate-fest? The guy can't throw two balls in a row without getting booed. He's 4-1 with a 2.21 ERA since that Opening Day implosion. Am I missing something?

5) Speaking of Tom Gordon - He's on pace to throw roughly 58 innings this year, which would be his most since 2006.

Tomorrow, tomorrow:

We've got Kyle Kendrick squaring off against Bronson Arroyo. Griffey's coming to town in search of 600. Gotta admit, it'd be pretty cool to see.


1I'm not sure if this is an actual word