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A Good April? The Phillies? Really?

The Phillies are 14-11, so they will finish April without a losing record for the first time since 2003.

You might have heard that the Phillies are slow starters. Here's their record after the last five Aprils:

2007: 11-14.
2006: 10-14.
2005: 10-14.
2004: 10-11.
2003: 16-12.

Yep, they haven't had a winning record entering May since 2003. But the Phillies, who are 14-11, at least have guaranteed they won't have a losing record entering May this year. With three games to play this month, they can finish no worse than 14-14. How have they done it without Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino in the lineup? Chase Utley and Pat Burrell have been on fire, and the Phillies have been pitching very well, especially the bullpen. Good pitching wins.


Ryan Howard and Charlie Manuel are optimistic that last night's homer in an 8-4 victory over the Pirates can get him going.


In the Phillies Notebook, Jayson Werth is the most patient hitter in baseball and injury updates for Jimmy Rollins, Chris Snelling, Scott Mathieson, Shane Victorino and Kris Benson. Pat Gillick spoke with reporters before today's game. Rollins will be back in Philadelphia tonight and will be revaluated by athletic trainer Scott Sheridan tomorrow. Expect Rollins to begin a rehab assignment in a few days. Victorino should be activated before Tuesday's game, replacing T.J. Bohn. Gillick also said he likes the way his bullpen has pitched, but is looking for another lefthander.


In Jim Salisbury's Sunday baseball column, he takes a look back at Lee Elia's infamous tirade against Chicago Cubs fans. Check out Extra Bases, too.


You know it's bad when US Airways calls you at noon to tell you that you're 8:20 p.m. flight from Pittsburgh to Philly has been delayed 75 minutes for "operational issues."