ORLANDO, Fla. -- When asked to assess Raul Ibanez' 2010 season Thursday before leaving the GM meetings, Ruben Amaro Jr. made an interesting unsolicited comparison by bringing free-agent right fielder Jayson Werth into the discussion.

"(Ibanez) was still a pretty productive player and ... his numbers are not all that different from Jayson's last year," the Phillies general manager said. "What did (Ibanez) have, 83 RBIs? Jayson had 85. (Ibanez) didn't have as many opportunities as Jayson did to drive in runs.

"Clearly, Jayson had more runs scored and his on-base percentage and stuff were better, but (Ibanez) had 37 doubles and five triples or something like that. The difference in their production was not all that great."

What's so fascinating about Amaro's comparison is that it could serve two purposes.

In addition to talking up Ibanez in a thinly veiled effort to increase the left fielder's trade value, he also devalued Werth's contributions to the team last season.

For the record, Ibanez batted .275 with 16 home runs and 83 RBIs. He had 37 doubles and five triples. Werth hit .296 with 27 home runs and 85 RBIs. He had 46 doubles and two triples Werth, of course, is seven years younger and a superior outfielder to Ibanez.

You can read more about the final day of the GM meetings in tomorrow's Inquirer.