A couple of quick hits about the game, which the Phils won 10-5. The only blemish was Chan Ho Park's four-run seventh. For a full game story, check the website.

--The Phillies optioned Sergio Escalona to triple-A, making room for J.C. Romero. This came after Manuel said pre-game that he expected to keep 13 pitchers for a while.  Jack Taschner, you’re still a big leaguer.
--In case you fell asleep, Antonio Bastardo was very good. Everyone thought his fastball was low-nineties, including Manuel. But he came out throwing gas, getting it up to 95 in the first inning.
--Fun fact: Raul Ibanez hit his 200th home run on his 37th birthday. The pitcher who allowed the shot, Josh Geer, also was celebrating a birthday, at least until he faced Ibanez. It was Geer’s 26th.
--Two fun quotes. From a grinning Manuel on Bastardo: “(Bastardo’s) adrenaline was going. He was on a rush and you couldn’t have slowed him down if you had to. But he did one thing real good: He was aggressive and he wasn’t afraid to throw the ball.”
--Ibanez on his big day: “When you hit 37, they all tend to feel the same,” Ibanez said, adding that he did not remember if he had homered before on a birthday. “I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head. “So many games.”