SAN DIEGO — Carlos Ruiz is out of the Phillies lineup for the second straight night because of a sore wrist. And after a four-run outburst Friday, Charlie Manuel will stick with the same lineup even with a lefty, Cory Luebke, on the mound.

1. Juan Pierre 7
2. Placido Polanco 5
3. Jimmy Rollins 6
4. Hunter Pence 9
5. Shane Victorino 8
6. Ty Wigginton 3
7. Freddy Galvis 4
8. Brian Schneider 2
9. Roy Halladay 1

Pierre is in the lineup for the fourth straight game and six of the last seven. It's the first time the opposition has started a lefty and John Mayberry Jr. has not played.

Ruiz had hoped to miss only one game, but the swelling in his wrist persisted before Friday's game, so the Phillies are likely to play it safe. And Schneider had a big hit Friday, so why not?

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