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Game 30: Oh, there is baseball

An existential debate on the meaning of unwritten baseball rules aside, the Phillies actually have another game today. After establishing a new rivalry this weekend, their old rival comes to town. And the Mets also have a better record than the Phillies.

Roy Halladay is on the mound after his worst start as a Phillie. He left the team for a day for personal reasons following the eight-run outing, but both team and pitcher say he is completely healthy.

Charlie Manuel will use his 25th lineup in 30 games.

1. Jimmy Rollins 6
2. John Mayberry Jr. 7
3. Shane Victorino 8
4. Hunter Pence 9
5. Ty Wigginton 3
6. Carlos Ruiz 2
7. Placido Polanco 5
8. Freddy Galvis 4
9. Roy Halladay 1

Mayberry is hitting second, presumably, because of his career figures against Mets lefty Jonathon Niese.

One matchup to watch against Halladay: Mets catcher Josh Thole is 7 for 16 with a double.

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