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Jesse Biddle honors his brother, a Philly school teacher

Phillies prospect Jesse Biddle pitches each game with a yellow bracelet on his left wrist and a blue one on his right.

They are from the second-grade class of Biddle's older brother, Sam, who teaches at Young Scholars Frederick Douglass Charter School in North Philadelphia.

The students earn the bracelets in the classroom. The yellow one says "CHALLENGE YOURSELF." The blue one reads "EXPLORE YOUR WORLD."

"I don't know if they realize I'm wearing these bands, but I wear them for them as well as to honor what my brother does every single day," said Biddle, who grew up in Mount Airy.

"He's the hardest-working person I've ever met."

Biddle said his brother's class comes each season to one or two of his games. Sam Biddle, 26, takes the top 10 students from his class as a reward.

"My brother's one of the most inspirational people to me," Biddle said. "He's fighting the good fight in the public school system of Philadelphia and he's pretty awesome."