ATLANTA — Pat Gillick was at home in Seattle last week when a member of the Phillies ownership group extended an offer to become the team's interim president and CEO while David Montgomery tended to his health. The Hall of Fame executive agreed, and he joined the Phillies on Tuesday at Turner Field to start a "firsthand look" at his employees.

He does not anticipate sweeping changes, and reaffirmed the status of both Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ryne Sandberg for 2015. They "absolutely" will stay in their current positions, Gillick said.

"They're under contract," Gillick said. "Ruben is under contract through '15 and Ryne's under contract. ... So right now there's no thought whatsoever of replacing either one."

He will share baseball decisions with Amaro, although Gillick has the final say.

"Ruben and I mutually agree on most decisions that we make," Gillick said. "Ruben is very inclusive on any decisions that we make for the ballclub. But right now if there's something I might have a different opinion, I'll certainly voice that opinion and we'll talk it through and try to make what we think is the correct decision.

"I would say if it comes down to the end, I have part of the final say. At this moment, I think ownership has a part of the say, too."

Gillick labeled himself as "a little bit of both" a caretaker and agent of change. He stressed that Montgomery could return once the season ends.

"We want David back as soon as possible," Gillick said. "So that point, I'm an interim caretaker. But at the same time, if there are decisions that have to be made from a baseball standpoint, we're going to make those decisions."

Mike Stiles, the team's senior vice president for administration and operations, will run the Phillies' day-to-day business matters. Gillick will remain around the team for the next three weeks. He does not have plans to move to Philadelphia, but that could change if Montgomery's absence is extended.

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