DALLAS — Paul Kinzer, the agent for Aramis Ramirez, said he has a meeting scheduled Monday night with the Phillies.

Kinzer arrived at the Anatole Hilton in the early evening amid rumors that the Phillies viewed his client as an alternative solution to retaining Jimmy Rollins. Ruben Amaro Jr. categorized his meeting Sunday night at the winter meetings with Rollins' agent Dan Lozano as "fine," but rumors surfaced early Monday that the Phillies were aggressively exploring alternatives.

Ramirez, 33, is a free agent after completing a five-year, $73 million deal with the Chicago Cubs. If the Phillies were to move on from Rollins, Ramirez would play third and either Freddy Galvis or a veteran stopgap would man shortstop. FoxSports.com reported the Phillies were "actively shopping" Placido Polanco to ascertain his possible trade value.

Even if the Phillies are enamored with an alternative solution to Rollins, Amaro said he owes a certain amount of leeway to the longtime Phillies shortstop before ending the relationship.

"We deserve to give the proper timing to Jimmy's situation," Amaro said. "As I've said, our goal is to bring Jimmy back."

But Amaro admitted the current market, which appears to be limited, means he can wait out Rollins' demands.

"Honestly, there is no rush to do anything," Amaro said of Rollins.

The sticking point, of course, is the length of Rollins' next contract.

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