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Phillies Haven't Been Better Since ...

The Phillies are 39-26. They haven't had a better record after their 65th game since 1993, when they were 45-20.

The Phillies haven't been better than this since 1993.

They are 39-26 after yesterday's 6-3 victory over the Phillies against the Braves at Turner Field, which ties the mark they had in 1995. But the Phillies haven't had a better record at this point in the season since '93, when they were 45-20. So how do those two teams compare? Well, the '08 Phillies have scored 344 runs and have a 3.83 ERA. They are hitting .263 with 93 home runs, .341 on-base percentage, .454 slugging percentage and .795 OPS. The '93 Phillies had scored 357 runs with a 3.37 ERA at this point. They had hit .267 with 71 home runs, .348 OBP, .437 SLG and .785 OPS.

So the '93 Phillies have put up better numbers than the '08 Phillies.

But they're both in first place.

The '93 Phillies finished 97-65.

The '08 Phillies are on pace to win 97.

It's early. It means nothing. But, hey, the numbers are at least interesting to look at. Right? Right?


A sweep at Turner Field? That hasn't happened since ... last season, when they swept them May 25-27.


In the Phillies Notebook, Adam Eaton kept the Phillies offense close. That's pretty much all he needs to do. Just keep it close enough for the offense to put some runs up on the board.