Brett Myers told the Inquirer that he will have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his hip, and a return this season is a longshot. The operation will be performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly, who operated on Chase Utley last November, and will likely occur Thursday, though that date is not confirmed.

"This is the best option for me," he said.  "The doctor told me my hip would be unbelievably better when I come back."

“I have the same thing as Chase (Utley), a torn labrum (Myers also has bone spurs),” he said. “This is the best option for me.”

Myers said that while no surgery had been scheduled, a Thursday operation was a strong possibility. He and the doctors discussed a cortisone shot, enabling him to pitch through the rest of the season, but they told him “surgery was a no-brainer. If you (pitch through the injury), the chances of hurting your arm are greater. Ultimately, I could hurt my arm and need two surgeries.”
Team doc Michael Ciccotti said Myers will need at least three months, and perhaps as many as six weeks more than that before he can pitch.
A word about Myers’ decision. Believe me, the guy wanted to pitch this year. But one season is never, ever worth a risk to one’s long-term health. This is a game, and Myers has to worry about not only his ability to make a living in baseball after this year, but his future quality of life.
 Now, what happens to the Phillies? I'm sure you know that Ruben Amaro does not comment on specific trade rumors. But here’s what he had to say about the team’s general outlook in light of this news:
"We have to do what's right both business-wise and talent-wise. Each possible trade we can make we have to take on a case-by-case basis. It's not an open checkbook situation. We can't be so short-sighted that we make a move just to make a move and not consider the future.”
An internal candidate will make Myers next scheduled start on Tuesday, Amaro said.
The options include: Kyle Kendrick (4-3, 4.25 earned run avergage); Carlos Carrasco (0-6, 5.81); Drew Carpenter (2-0, 3.61); Rodrigo Lopez (2-2, 4.84); and Antonio Bastardo (1-0, 2.08).
Beyond that game, the team may be compelled to accelerate their search for a veteran starter via trade. Colorado’s Jason Marquis, Boston’s Brad Penny and Seattle’s Erik Bedard are a few of many pitchers who could become available. The team is not interested in free agent Pedro Martinez. In my opinion, Penny makes sense; ESPN’s Buster Olney speculated—and I stress that word-- this morning that a Jason Donald for Penny trade would work for both teams (I’d link to it, but you need a subscription). I know, I know: I think Donald is a good player, too. But you gotta give  to get.
My job in the immediate future will be to report on that situation, so stay tuned here and on Twitter (Larry King said the other day that he dictates his Tweets; for the record, I type my own).