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Rollins Benched

Jimmy Rollins was pulled from today's game because he didn't run out a fly ball.

What happened to Jimmy Rollins today?

He got benched.

He hit a pop fly into shallow left field with two outs and a runner on second in the third inning this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. Reds shortstop Paul Janish dropped the ball to allow Carlos Ruiz to score from second. Rollins only got to first. He easily should have been on second.

Rollins took the field in the top of the fourth inning, but was gone by the top of the fifth.

"There is no explanation," Rollins said. "I just didn't do it. It happens every once in a while. Sometimes the manager gets you. It shouldn't happen. I'm not disappointed in myself. I know better. Just go out there and make sure I don't do it again. Nothing to get disappointed about. Something you learn from. Don't do it again."