For a trip into the prehistoric, you'll soon be able to just head to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

A new exhibit, called Dinosaurs Unearthed, is about to open at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

The exhibit opens Saturday (a members-only preview takes place Friday) and runs through January.

It will feature life-size animatronic dinosaurs, skeletons, fossil casts, tooth specimens and even fossilized dinosaur poop (technically called coprolite). Interactive components of the exhibit include controlling the robotic dinosaurs' movements, seeing how you measure up to various dinosaurs, touch-screen quizzes and other activities.

And for opening weekend, visitors will be able to see the hand claw, lower jaw and teeth of Dryptosaurus, a local dinosaur (discovered in Gloucester County) closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex. The fossils are rarely on display for preservation reasons, the Academy said.
"This incredible exhibit creates the atmosphere that makes you feel like you've boarded a time machine and travelled 67 million years back in time," George W. Gephart Jr., the Academy's president and CEO, said in a statement.
Events tied to the exhibit throughout the summer will include fossil preparation classes, dinosaur hall tours and using LEGO bricks to construct creatures.
(The exhibit may sound familiar to some dino lovers: Dinosaurs Unearthed first came to the Academy in October 2013. That show was the exhibit's East Coast debut and left the venue in March 2014.)