Some Rutgers University Business School students recently learned that rules are rules when it comes to what to wear at a job fair.

On Feb. 10, several students were sent home to change when they came dressed in blue suits, colored shirts, brown shoes, or other attire instead of the black or dark gray suits required by the dress code, according to the Daily Targum, the student newspaper.

"I am not angry about being turned away ... but to be turned away due to my fashion sense is absurd," sophomore Kevin Chen told the paper. He was dressed in a navy blue suit that he had worn to previous interviews.

Officials told students they could return if they changed clothes, but some owned only one suit or lived too far away, the Targum's report stated.

Students took to to petition to recognize blue suits as professional attire "because the whole world already does."

School administrators soon apologized after the incident, PennLive reported.

"We regret that the actions at last week's career fair adversely affected some of our students and cast a shadow over the success we have achieved in helping our students secure more meaningful internships and jobs," Dean Lei Lei said in a statement released on behalf of the school's administration.

School's administrators will be revising the dress code guidelines, and plan to ask for student input.

"I didn't go to show off my style, I went to show my skills," Chen told the student paper.