Following the Dallas' last-second loss to the Green Bay Packers, Sportsradio 94.1 WIP host Glen Macnow shared a now-classic 2013 photo of two dejected fans: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The photo, from a Cowboys game against the New York Giants, is a reminder that outside of politics, Christie's true obsession is sports, followed closely by the love of his own voice.

Which makes a phone call he made on Friday afternoon so intriguing.

While driving to his youngest daughter's basketball game, Christie called in to WFAN 660-AM to speak to long-time afternoon host Mike Francesa, who revealed last year he would be stepping away from his broadcasting home of 30 years.

There's been speculation that Christie, who failed to land a role in President-elect Donald Trump's administration, is eyeing Francesa's spot on WFAN when he leaves the governor's office. Both moves would be just weeks apart, a fact Christie mentioned in the 20-minute call.

"You and I are speculated about what we're going to do next as much or more than anyone in this New York metropolitan area," Christie told Francesa, noting that his interest in politics has waned since his failed presidential bid. "I ran for president and lost. So I can't imagine myself ever running for anything again."

"But I'm going to have wide-open ears," Christie added. "It's the first time I'm a free agent."

Christie wouldn't say whether he was openly seeking the vacant radio seat, but reminded Francesa and WFAN listeners that he could see himself talking about sports every day.

"You can tell that I like to talk," said Christie, who hosts a regular show, Ask the Governor, on NJ 101.5 FM and regularly guest hosts on WFAN's Boomer & Carton morning show. "And I love sports. ... But I enjoy talking about news also, and current events."

So is he interested in hosting a sports radio show or something more political, such as a show on Fox News?

"I don't know why you'd have to do either/or," Christie responded. "You can do both."

Certainly Christie would fit in on sports radio, where Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd recently noted that listeners care more about strong opinions than predicting outcomes correctly. Christie couldn't have been more wrong in picking the Cowboys before the start of Sunday's game.

WFAN operations manager Mark Chernoff has praised the governor's role at the station without saying whether he would consider him for the coveted afternoon drive spot.

"I think he really enjoys it. He knows sports, he's engaging and he loves to have fun," Chernoff said in October. "If I didn't think he could do a good job as a sports host, I'd tell Craig not to have him on."

Even former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell thinks it would be a good move for Christie, especially given Christie's current lack of popularity in the Garden State.

"If he stays out of politics, and just does sports talk for a year or two, he might find his political career in better shape than he left it," Rendell has said.

At the end of the 20-minute conversation, things got a bit awkward. Francesa has a long-documented beef with former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason and his co-host, Craig Carton. So when Christie asked if Francesa would tune in to hear him on their show this week, Francesa said no.

"Come on! Why not?" Christie asked.

"There's some things I will never do. I don't ever listen in the morning. If you want to come on this show, you're always welcome," Francesa responded.

"Wouldn't you listen to give me a little critique? Come on, a little critique, a little friendly advice," Christie pressed.

Francesa flatly refused.

"Some things will never happen."