Just as sure as birds migrate south, political signs will disappear from suburban lawns in the days ahead.

Call the police? Nah.

"You will get a mention in the police blog, but they won't do anything about it" the Haverford Dems told their Facebook followers.

The Delaware County group opted to pass on some more practical tips to keep the signs in place.

"Put it closer to your house. Or if your lawn is shallow, put in a front facing window," they suggested.

But their supporters had some more creative ways to discourage lawn thieves.
Joanna Sloskey: I slather my yard signs in Vaseline and then I attach a note telling them that they are being watched on two different night vision cameras.
Barbara G.Blum: When I lived in Chester County, Obama signs were stolen in record numbers. Some Dems put oily, or greasy material on the post or around edges. Others Wet Paint!

Jenn Milano Solderitsch: Also, slather dog poo on strategic parts of the sign. On the back by the stakes so that when they grab the sign to yank it out they get poo.
Or hot sauce. So when they rub their eyes after the fact ...

Delaware County Republicans didn't hold back with their comments after Glenolden Borough Manager Brian Razzi posted about his missing lawn sign.
"Hey scumbag that stole my Trump sign (u probably see facebook on your Obama phone) next time you come on my property to steal my 1st Amendment rights, I'm gonna teach you about the second Amendment," Razzi stated in his post.
Ed Doc Dougherty: Lock n Load!
County councilman John McBlain: I'd check the new drug rehab house in SH
Rob Narcavage: Time to electrify the next Trump sign, that'll teach em..
The phenomena of political lawn sign theft is not just confined to the Philadelphia region and neither are innovative solutions for trying to keep them in place.
Last year, police responded to an Andover, Mass., man's house after he taped an ominous-looking black box to a handmade Trump sign in front of his house with the words "Booby Trap" and "Danger" on the side. Police called off the bomb squad when they heard his explanation, the Eagle Tribune reported.
Last month, an Indianapolis homeowner mounted a game cam to a tree in his yard and strung some green fishing line through the signs, tripping up the would-be thief as she tried to run off with his pro-Trump signs. He turned the tape over to authorities.
Earlier this month, a Cicero, Ind., man cut TRUMP in large block letters into his grass with a mower after his signs were stolen.