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Zebras corralled after escape from West Philly circus

Authorities safely corralled two zebras that escaped from a circus in West Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon.

The zebras "briefly went on the loose" from the UniverSoul Circus outside the Mann Center for the Performing Arts at 52nd Street and Parkside Avenue about 2 p.m., a circus spokesman said in a statement. The animals had just finished performing their act and were in the back lot of the site when they reportedly broke away.

One zebra was captured within 30 minutes; the second by 3 p.m., according to the spokesman, who was unable to say exactly where the animals were found. No injuries were reported.

Circus officials were investigating how the zebras were able to escape.

Before their capture, startled Philadelphians took to social media to post photos and video footage of the zebras running through the streets, with officers hot on their tails. Note: Some videos may contain strong language.