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Philly Pops Back On Steppes Of Independence Mall

It's one of ArtsWatch's favorite summer traditions: Sitting on the grassy expanse north of Independence Hall, the summer sky turning Maxfield Parrish-blue, while listening to the Philly Pops. Then walking a few blocks to the Franklin Fountain for peach ice cream and lemon sorbet.

So we felt a little empty upon learning that the concert had failed to attract funding this year, and had been scrapped.

But now we hear that Mayor Nutter has put his hands on the cash, and the concert is back on.

It's July 2, 8 p.m., with Peter Nero conducting. No program has been announced, but it's safe to think that, rather than stirring our dim memories of the '60s with the Age of Aquarius (dig this vintage album cover), Nero will weave a patriotic thread through the program.

The concert is free. More information here.