Philadelphia's reputation hasn't been viewed in the best light lately, with hitchBOT's untimely death, bad listicle rankings for sports fans, and a generally poor view of our geniality recently prompting plenty of jokes at our expense.

But, as the above video shows, the truth is that we're really not so bad. Because while we very well may fight you, we'll also hug it better afterward.

Shot by photographer Rocco Avallone in North Philadelphia's Norris Square neighborhood, the video of surveillance footage begins as two men who appear to be intoxicated start to brawl in front of a stoop near Berks and Howard Streets.

"Last night at around 10:50, I was binge-watching Friday Night Lights and started to smell cigarette smoke," Avallone says. "Then I heard a scuffle, got up, and saw these two guys fighting."

However, it was over almost as quickly as it began, with the video showing the fight lasting around 20 seconds, total. Which, for some perspective, is not quite Ronda Rousey-fast, but close.

Following the short brawl, our two heroes suddenly stop, slap hands, and proceed to hug it out with a fevered, adrenaline-fueled intensity.

Then, just like that, it's over. Slightly stunned, the men gather their belongings, and then begin to wander off into the night as the video cuts off — a beautiful ending to what very well could have turned out even worse than it began.

And I, for one, like to think that they're still together somewhere, roaming the streets of Philadelphia and celebrating their newly mended friendship, and spreading a badly needed message of peace all the while.

We are, after all, the City of Brotherly Love for a reason. Sometimes, though, we just need to be reminded of that.