Fire. The Wheel. The polio vaccine. The second season of The West Wing. Netflix, which now includes the second season of The West Wing. These are pinnacles of human achievement that serve as essential bullets on the timeline of mankind, each ushering in a new tangent reality, relegating the collection of experiences leading up to them to short chapters in history text books.

And now, thanks, in part, to Nestlé Fitness, the latest benchmark of human accomplishment is a brassiere that alerts the general public when someone's breasts are exposed.

The tweeting bra is the latest inanimate object with Twitter functionality. Basically, every time the bra is unhooked, a tweet is sent so that followers are made aware of the fact that, somewhere in the world, a woman's breasts are exposed.

The idea is that the tweeting bra will help promote breast cancer awareness and remind women to be diligent about examining their breasts for lumps.

One of the most popular television presenters in Greece, Maria Bacodimou, is wearing the Nestlé Tweeting Bra for two weeks to help support (see what I did there?) the initiative. [h/t Jezebel]