The Philadelphia School District on Monday unveiled a five-year sustainability plan focused on reducing the district's energy consumption, creating healthy environments in school buildings, and educating students about becoming better global citizens.

Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. said the district would release annual progress reports starting in June 2017. He called the initiative, Green Futures, "more than a strategic plan."

"It is an opportunity for all of us in our own way to contribute to every child's health and well-being, both at school and in our communities, and to preserve our environment for the future," Hite said at a news conference at City Hall.

The plan outlines five-year goals, including:

Increasing the district's waste diversion rate by 10 percent.

Decreasing energy consumption by 20 percent.

Increasing green schoolyards by five schools per year, to ensure that every school has green space.

The Green Futures plan was inspired by the city's Greenworks plan, a sustainability initiative that expires at the end of the year.

Mayor Kenney, who attended the news conference, said the district's focus on sustainability dovetails with his plan to open community schools, which would bring social services and education under one roof.

"Young people will learn good habits on sustainability and energy and nutrition and health in school, where they spend the bulk of their time," he said. "If we're not talking about those things, then it's never going to get to them."