A delivery truck punched a hole in North Wildwood's boardwalk earlier this afternoon, shore officials said.

Ernie Troiano, mayor of neighboring Wildwood, said a patch of boards neard 23rd Street collapsed under the weight of the truck. He said a crane was called to lift the truck off the boardwalk.

"It was probably somebody up there illegally," he said. "It was probably one of those guys stocking their store up, you know?"

"That's why we tell people don't go on the boardwalk unless you have a permit or have been approved," he added, "because when you go through the boards it's not a good feeling."

Troiano said the collapse most likely doesn't signify a larger issue.

"It's just [Souther] Yellow Pine," he said, "it's just way over-sized and shouldn't be up there."

No injuries were reported.