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She's charged with election fraud after writing her name on another's ballot in Philly

A 65-year-old Philadelphia woman has been charge with election fraud after writing her name on a voting booth as someone was trying to cast a ballot.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) charged Dianah Gregory with fraud and tampering with a voting machine, as well as other charges, for the November 5, 2013 incident.

The D.A.'s office had received a complaint on election day from a candidate also at the the Ethel Allen School at 31st St. and Leigh Ave.

Prosecutors say a candidate for Judge of Election, William Thompson, was outside the polling place when he saw a voter leaving leaving "visibly upset."  The voter informed Thompson that a woman had come in and wrote her name on the ballot as the voter was casting a ballot.

Gregory put her name in the ballot for Judge of Election - the same position Thompson was running for.  So Thompson notified authorities.

Investigators examined the booth and found the name "Dianah Gregory" scrawled in marker next to the button to select a "write in" candidate.

Gregory, who was still at the polling place, admitted she wrote her name on the voting machines so voters would know how to spell her name.  She did not write her name on the ballots of any other machines.

She surrendered to authorities this morning.