This morning on SportsTalk 94 WIP, Tammy Reid elaborated on Saturday's memorabilia sale at Harriton High School in Rosemont.

"And there might be some more secret players showing up!" she said.

Tammy and her husband, former Birds coach Andy Reid, are selling almost everything they owned that's Eagles-related, to raise money for the high school football team and Laurel House, a shelter and anti-domestic violence agency.

"We've got anything that we wore or collected over the last 14 seasons of Eagles gear," she told WIP host Angelo Cataldi. "You know, jackets, shorts, pants, tops, sweatpants, my rainboots, my cowboy boots that have Eagles on 'em. Everything's autographed and ready to go."

"We've got hats running out the wazoo," she added.

Including jewelry? Cataldi asked.

"Yeah, I had to sell all the green and silver and black stuff, you know? You gotta, 'Out with the old, in with the new.' Now, I'm red and gold."

Sorry, don't expect to see any of Andy's favorite Hawaiian shirts, she said.

No, they're not saying good riddance to Philadelphia.

"Oh my gosh, Philadelphia is etched in our hearts, believe you me," she said. "We're leaving tons of friends and great memories of this city."

She also revealed she sensed last season might be her husband's last one here -- "You kind of get that feeling when people are chanting things" -- and said she asked Andy if he wouldn't like to take a year off.

The quick job offer from the Kansas City Chiefs was just too good to refuse, she said.

The 9 a.m. to noon sale in the main gymnasium will include Christmas decorations, luggage and other household items, according to a news release.

Running back LeSean McCoy was officially scheduled to sign autographs for $25 each.

But today Tammy Reid enthusiastically predicted he probably won't be the only Eagle doing signings.

The sale doesn't sound like an auction:

"Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Cash preferred. Credit cards accepted. All sales are final," the release stated.

All five of the Reids' children went to Harriton High.