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Why Megan Rapinoe will not stop giving American women hope | Opinion

Megan Rapinoe is exactly the person we need to show how women can defy the systems limiting us and inspire other women to be fearless in expressing our opinions.


Megan Rapinoe: Reactions from cartoonists to U.S. World Cup victory | Opinion

Cartoonists have responded to Rapinoe’s World Cup final goal, refusal to go to the White House, and ongoing feud with President Trump.


Trump and Kim meet in Korea: Reactions from cartoonists | Opinion

Cartoonists respond to Trump's and Kim's meeting in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea.

When did you feel the most patriotic? Philadelphians from age 19 to 93 share stories | Perspective

To learn more about how Philadelphians feel about patriotism, The Inquirer rode the Market-Frankford line from end to end, asking people to share the last time they felt patriotic.


First I laughed at Democratic nominees speaking Spanish. Then I worried. | Opinion

During Wednesday’s debate, I could not help but laugh when Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke started speaking Spanish. But then I realized the deeper place my laughter was coming from, and why it worries me for the rest of the election.


Democratic primary debate night 2: Responses from across the web | Perspective

What did viewers make of the Democrats' second debate night?


Democratic Primary Debate: Responses across the web after night one | Perspective

What did viewers think of the first Democratic presidential debate?

Recycling in Philadelphia: What to know about bins with lids

"I think the lids are a pretty easy way to eliminate that one source of litter: stuff that gets blown away from the recycling bin if they are uncovered.”


The New York Times’ daily cartoons ban: Reactions from cartoonists | Opinion

Cartoonists respond to the New York Times' recent decision to stop publishing all cartoons in its international edition.