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Medical mystery: What caused teen’s severe stomach pain?

When the doctor asked the teenager how she alleviates her stomach pain, the answer changed the course of the teen's treatment and pointed to an epidemic, that is becoming more prevalent in both Philadelphia as well as the United States.

Doctors’ words can be wounding — or healing

Toni Morrison summed up the issue concisely: “Words have the capacity to liberate, empower, imagine, and heal, but cruelly employed, they can render the suffering of millions mute.”

Medical mystery: A girl’s red ears, a mother’s intuition

The medical student was suspicious. The veteran pediatrician knew enough to listen to his patient's mom.

Medical mystery: A young lifeguard, an unusual skin condition

My young patient thought he was dealing with a flare of his eczema. Testing revealed he had bigger problems.

Medical mystery: A baby with recurring fevers and a persistent mom

The pediatrician was prepared to advise fluids and Tylenol for the feverish baby. Then his mother insisted that the doctor take another look.