🌤️It’s a warm one in the Philly region today, with highs potentially reaching the upper 60s. But that’s still not as hot as the Flyers have been. They’re riding a nine-game win streak right now but face a tough week ahead. Other things you should know today include strategies by some local townships to become gun “sanctuaries," Comcast mistakenly made public 200,000 customers’ phone numbers, and Southwest airlines employees are blaming their uniforms for health problems. Also, to keep up with all of our coronavirus coverage, visit Inquirer.com/coronavirus.

A growing number of people believe their gun rights are being threatened, particularly by recent state laws that allow law enforcement officers to temporarily confiscate guns from owners. Those owners have to be deemed a threat or a danger to themselves or others. In New Jersey, guns have been seized from 200 people, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. Across the country, more than a dozen states, including Delaware but not Pennsylvania, have similar laws.

In response, municipalities have begun to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries for gun owners. Just last week, Atlantic County freeholders voted 6-2 in favor of such a measure. They joined Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties in South Jersey. And even though these laws have stalled in Pennsylvania, gun-rights groups have already passed gun sanctuary resolutions in some counties.

With coronavirus having popped up in the Philly region, many people are surrendering one of the things that, frankly, makes humans human: physical touch. Handshakes are out. Bumping fists, elbows, or forearms is, for many, preferred. It’s not just greetings and goodbyes, religious ceremonies have been altered, autographs won’t be signed, manufacturers are bracing for an impact, and public events have been shut down.

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