The leaves are rapidly falling and the temperatures are starting to drop, marking the early signs of a year beginning to draw to a close. (Heck, even those first holiday season sales are popping up in commercials.) If you haven’t done so yet, fall cleaning is likely in store, and with that, it may be a good time to look through your finances and touch base with your budget as 2020 approaches. In our Q&A, you’ll find some useful links to help you manage your finances and investments.

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Each week we go behind the scenes with one of our reporters or editors to discuss their work and the challenges they face along the way. This week we chat with Erin Arvedlund, who focuses on personal finances and investing.

As a financial reporter, what kinds of stories capture your attention?

Anything that’s deliberately confusing. I hate when regular people are taken advantage of by complex financial products. And student loans!

What are some common financial mistakes people make?

Investing with friends and family and not trusting their intuition.

When it comes to personal finances, what’s a major issue that people should know about?

Interest rates are so low that it’s hard to find returns better than the stock market. Also, I’m just as bad at paying down my credit card bill as everyone else!

What are some good resources for people to improve their financial and investing literacy?

Investopedia and the Wall Street Journal. I also like Yahoo Finance and that TV show American Greed.

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