Good chilly morning, Philly. Today, about 230 sanitation trucks will wind through Philadelphia’s streets, collecting trash and recycling — and likely getting into accidents. Over the past five years, the city’s trash truck drivers have averaged more than one accident per day, and the cost to taxpayers is adding up.

In other news, we’ve got what you need to know about yesterday’s historic day on Capitol Hill, and the lowdown on an “open-concept bathroom” in West Philly.

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Philly’s trash truck drivers crashed 2,000 times, avoided discipline, and cost taxpayers $4.8 million

Since June 2015, Philadelphia’s trash truck drivers have been involved in about 2,000 accidents — averaging 440 each year, or more than one a day. Two-thirds of those accidents were labeled preventable.

And though the department’s rules require drivers with repeated preventable accidents to be demoted or dismissed, they’re typically only sent to training classes or suspended before being allowed back on the road with the 30-ton trucks.

Yet the accidents continue, and they’re costing taxpayers millions.

New Atlantic City mayor puts police on street he called ‘Zombie City’

As an Atlantic City councilman, Marty Small Sr. did not mince words about the deplorable state of Atlantic Avenue. As mayor, he’s ordered police to patrol the resort-town street.

And the difference along the community shopping hub is immediately apparent, shoppers and shopkeepers say, at least during daylight hours.

“You got to clean the house before you do anything for the tourists," one store employee said. “Otherwise, they’re not going to be around. It’s helping a lot.”

Inside the first Trump impeachment hearing: A resonant voice and damaging new details

For more than five hours yesterday, grim-faced Democrats and Republicans opened public testimony into what is likely to become the third presidential impeachment in American history.

Steve Castor, a relatively low-profile lawyer from the Philadelphia area, emerged as a key player for Republicans in the proceedings, while George Conway sounded off about the hearings on MSNBC.

Among the attendees: New Jersey drag queen Pissi Myles, who documented the historic day at the Capitol.

Read more key highlights from Day One here.

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“Two Philadelphias, we always call it. The shiny new one, and the Philadelphia that lies in the shadow of all the best-of lists and Heritage Cities designations. We call the one in the shadows the 'other’ Philadelphia. But it is the overarching reality of our city.” Columnist Mike Newall on the divide between those who have and those who have not in Philadelphia.

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