President Donald Trump recently pitched suburban women with a plea at a rally in Johnstown, Pa.: “Will you please like me?” If the polls are any indication, the answer may be no, and it could decide who wins the White House in the end. We talked to women who voted for Trump in 2016 about why they’re done with him in 2020.

Plus, the Eagles lost to the Ravens 30-28 yesterday. The better story is how the season’s first in-person Eagles fans went back to the stadium feeling thrilled, but weird, about the quiet atmosphere.

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White women are ditching Trump as his time runs out

Trump won half of the votes white women cast in Pennsylvania in 2016, helping him win the state narrowly.

But now polls suggest the women Trump may need to line the road to clinching the election are deserting him in droves. Women told reporter Julia Terruso the move came down to how he handled the coronavirus pandemic, the protests against systemic racism and a general lack of empathy. “Most women have wised up by now,” a farmer in Clarksburg said.

If this sticks, women could hand Joe Biden Pennsylvania.

Lively Eagles fans mingled with mellow cardboard

The sea of green was more like a bunch of spread out puddles as some fans were allowed to return to Lincoln Financial Field to cheer on the Eagles. Our Susan Snyder talked to fans on the inside about the surreal experience. Fans were delighted to bang on seats, enjoy speedy snack and restroom trips, and a father and son were able to score tickets on the 50-yard line.

What the ‘future of work’ means to these 22 Philadelphians

Our series taking a closer look at the job prospects in Philly through the people who do the work continues. From a start-up owner jumping through hoops to a laid-off stage manager concerned about health insurance, we asked Philadelphians to define what the future of work means to them in their own words.

And a recent must-read installment of our series is the success story of a medical assistant who juggled classes to become a registered nurse with double the salary.

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“According to the White House, Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is supposed to serve as a step forward for women’s rights. It’s fair to take issue with the historical lack of diversity in the Supreme Court that makes the nomination of a woman a recent phenomenon, and with the timing of this process so close to the election. It’s equally fair to take issue with some of the nominee’s views. What isn’t fair is to interrogate how she manages her children alongside her job. Frankly, that’s no one’s business.” writes teacher Nancy Ironside about why it should be off-limits to ask women ‘who does the laundry?’ when similar questions are rarely asked of men in the public eye.

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