Last week's blog item and column about the iPhone and AT&T's new data-pricing plans generated some interesting responses.  Some readers said they didn't have problems. Others shared my frustrations with the AT&T network, especially in high-demand places such as Citizens Bank Park.

Greg Caputo said he was going to Thursday's Phillies game, and wondered when the preseason announcement of an upgrade in service at the ballpark would finally come to fruition. "Guy who sits next to me with the same partial season ticket plan is equally annoyed," Caputo wrote, "while the people using Droid phones on the Verizon network around us have access to stats from other games, text messages, and email."

I also heard from an AT&T spokesman, who said he'd like to hear where I was having "coverage issues."  But since this issue really isn't about me, I'd like to pass along his invitation to Inquirer and readers.

So let me know whether you're having coverage issues with your AT&T phone - or with the phones of any other carrier.  You can email me at - I'll pass your complaint along with or without your name, at your discretion.