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Jerry Jones: Eagles more consistent without McNabb

ARLINGTON, Texas --  Everybody's got an opinion on how the departure of Donovan McNabb will affect the Eagles. That includes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

During a Tuesday night interview with him at his $1 billion stadium in Arlington, Texas, Jones said he thinks the Eagles won't be as much a Jekyll-and-Hyde team with Kevin Kolb at quarterback as they were with the streaky McNabb.

When McNabb played well against the Cowboys, the Eagles usually won. When he didn't, they usually lost. Last year, the Cowboys won all three meetings against the Eagles, including a 34-14 win in the wildcard round of the playoffs.

McNabb completed just 53.3 percent of his passes in those three defeats. Averaged just 6.6 yards per attempt and threw only two touchdown passes and three interceptions.

In the Eagles' three previous wins over the Cowboys with McNabb at quarterback, his completion percentage was only marginally better – 55.8 percent. But he averaged 7.8 yards per attempt and had 5 TDs and no interceptions.

``McNabb helped create those big swings in our games over the last 10 years,'' Jones said. ``When he played well, it was like throwing the knockout punch. When he didn't, you were able to throw the knockout punch.

``I don't see that now (with Kolb). I think Kolb and the way they're going about it now, you won't have those big swings one way or the other. I think every game with them is going to be a battle. Because of Kolb and because the makeup of the rest of their team is solid. And their coach, there is not a better coach in the NFL than Andy (Reid).''

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