Comedian Hannibal Buress released Comedy Camisado on Netflix today and he's not shy about talking about the joke that brought down Bill Cosby's career. Previously, Buress had been hesitant to talk about the joke he told at the Trocadero Theater in 2014, caught on video by Philadelphia magazine's Dan McQuade.

"That situation got out of hand. Yikes," Buress says. "I was just doing a joke at a show! I didn't like the media putting me at the forefront of it. They were sly dissing me in the news: 'Unknown Comedian Hannibal Buress...' 'Brokeass comedian... Homeless comedian Hannibal Buress took the stage in Philly, covered in rags…'"

He goes on to talk to about the aftermath of the joke, "People were writing me, 'Bill Cosby's not a rapist, you are.' What?! That's not how that works."

Most importantly: "Who knew that off-hand joke about Cosby raping would lead to me having ... amazing consensual sex across the country."

Highly recommended for Buress fans.

Catch Buress next on the third season of Broad City, premiering Feburary 17 on Comedy Central.

See the trailer below (beware of language)