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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Most hated couple!

Kim Kardashian’s rumored hookup with Kanye West isn’t advised, says an expert, who says if they dated, they’d become the most hated couple in America.

Boy Kim Kardashian sure knows how to pick 'em.

The two-time divorcee has barely had time to lick her wounds after the Kris Humphries 7-minute marriage than comes news she's already moved on to another lucky, lucky fella.

"There may be a burgeoning romance," says, between Kim and one of the most remarkably well-developed, supersized egos in the world, R&B 'n' rap megastar Kanye West. (They reportedly canoodled at a bash after a Jay-Z concert last week.)

Other reports indicate the pair aren't actually together yet, but that Kim's ma, Kris Jenner, wants Kim to take Kanye as her one 'n' only.

Actual or potential, the match is a recipe for disaster, experts tell Seems, if K & K do hook up, they'd become The Most Hated Couple in America. (Hey, like the sound of that.)

So says Steven Levitt, president of Marketing Evaluations, which has analyzed the two celebs' Q scores. Q-who?

Q scores basically amount to a star's likeability-and-hateability factor as determined through polls and other highly technical social-science magic. The positive Q score ranks you in terms of qualities people like, the negative in terms of what they don't.

"We are starting out with two individuals with the deck stacked against them, and when you put the two of them together, they will be a turn off to the majority of the audience," Levitt tells

"When you look at Kim and Kanye together you see that the audience does not favor either of them," Levitt said. "For the most part they turn off the general audience."

How hated would they be?

Levitt says there' sonly one way things could get worse, "Only if you threw Lindsay Lohan into the mix."