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Nicole Kidman in Grace Kelly biopic?

Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Grace Kelly in a biopic about the East Falls princess turned film star turned Monacan Princess

Could Nicole Kidman really bring Grace Kelly to life on the big screen?

Sure, she's terrific, but does she possess that divine glow?

That exquisite ambrosial aura?

That ineffable, ethereal-and-simultaneously-earthy je ne sais quoi which, er, graced Grace's every breath? (Could she match Grace's exquisite neck line? Could anyone?)

Variety says Nicole, 44, is in negotiations to star in Grace of Monaco, a $15 million biopic from Olivier Dahan, the French director whose mastery of Legendary Ladies on The Silver Screen genre was cemented in his extraordinary 2007 Édith Piaf film, La Vie en rose, featuring Marion Cotillard as the legendary French singer.

Nicole beat out every single actress in the world to be considered for the role. "Nearly every top actress in Hollywood chased the demanding yet coveted role," says Variety with verve.

So what amazing episode of Grace's life will be see on-screen?

Well, the story sounds, ehm, er, hm … not so very sexy, I'm afraid.

This is how Variety puts it:

I'm sure it'll be a tremendous film, though I do wonder why the filmmakers chose to tell a political snoozer about taxes over every other story one could tell about Grace?!

And what a life:

Grace began life on Nov. 12, 1929 as a Philadelphia princess in her parents' East Falls manse ...

... moved on to slew hearts as an Oscar-winning Hollywood leading lady playing a series of stunning-yet-sharp-as-a-mathematician characters, most notably in some of Alfred Hitchcock's best films ...

... and finally she wed Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956 and moved to Monaco as the Sovereign Heart who ruled that exotic city-state on the French Riviera.

We also worry about the age issue: Nicole is  44-years old (and all the more breathtaking for it). She'll be playing a 32-year-old.

Will she take the role? Will she succeed in slaying us all? (We so dream of being slain ...)

Learn more about Grace in this brief documentary: