The extended family at CBS3 will soon extend a little further, with anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Kate Bilo both recently announcing that they are expecting.

Brewer and Bilo made their joint announcement on the station's Friday night newscast, fittingly following a segment on what not to say to a pregnant woman. As they announced Friday, both women are due in May.

"As someone who is expecting — yes, baby number two is due in May — I'll cut you some slack, because I really do think that most people are just trying to be nice, even if it doesn't come out exactly, right," Brewer said Friday. "Right, Kate?"

"Well, the good news is you wont have to weather those comments alone for the next six months because I am also have a baby in May," Bilo responded. "So we can commiserate about things, but I will say now: It's only one baby, so please don't ask me if I'm having twins."

Brewer, a Philly native and former Miss Pennsylvania, currently has one son with her husband, Kellen Economy. The pair married in 2009, and have been together since they were 18.

Bilo, a Phoenixville native who joined the station in 2003, meanwhile, has two sons with husband Scott. They were married in 2007.

Following Friday's announcement, Bilo and Brewer also discussed their pregnancies on social media:

And CBS3, for its part, issued its own congratulations: