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Chris Brown accused of assaulting a female at a concert

The crap just doesn’t end for Chris Brown.

The crap just doesn't end for Chris Brown.

The New York Post is reporting that the 24-year-old singer got rough with a concert-goer at an Orange County nightclub this weekend.

Deanna Gines was at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, CA. She was one of the many patrons in attendance for a Chris Brown concert; but things got ugly as the night came to a close.

She told TMZ that as the club was closing down Brown "shoved her to the ground" causing her to land hard on her knees.

Gines claims doctors have told her the ligaments in her right knee are torn so badly that she should consider a surgical procedure to help the damage.

As for Chris Brown, his rep told TMZ: "I'm unaware of the incident, as is Chris' lawyer and his entire team. He was in a great mood after Powerhouse."

Chris Brown seems to projecting a lot of rage lately; especially with the recent news of the decision to completely cut Rihanna out of his X album and Drake coming out about the two muscians' strained relationship.