Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller passed away this morning, according to her manager Milt Suchin. Diller was 95.

Best known for her self-deprecating stage persona, Diller began her stand-up career in the early '50s, rising to prominence in the '60s, crediting Bob Hope with her success. She would later go on to inspire legions of comedians, including Joan Rivers, who Diller lovingly referred to as her protege.

Diller blazed the trail for many women after her. While many obituaries will credit her as one of the greatest female comedians of all time, we believe this distinction is incorrect. It should be noted that Diller was one of the greatest comedians, regardless of gender.

Our condolences to Fang.

Her first TV appearance, on Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life," can be seen below: