Opinionated, well-traveled former Inquirer sports columnist John Gonzalez, who's been seen on Comcast SportsNet since 2011, is leaving the station to move to the West Coast.

With wife Colleen Wolfe stationed mostly in Los Angeles, Gonzalez has decided to bolt the City of Brotherly Love for the City of Angels. Wolfe was a Fox 29 sports anchor until 2014, when she moved to L.A. to work for the NFL Network.

Shortly after he joined CSN, the Daily News' Dan Gross reported that the Eagles had told CSN they didn't want Gonzalez covering the team.

Gonzalez announced his departure on Twitter.

Gonzalez said that today was his last official day at CSN, but he'll be freelancing for them and return to magazine writing while he looks for a new gig out west.

In lieu of another TV job, Gonzalez said that, for the time being, he's going to "write words for money."

Since Wolfe landed her on-air job with the NFL, the bi-coastal couple has been "flying back and forth a couple times a month."

"It was stupid," Gonzalez said, "but we weren't sure how long she'd be out there or I'd be here. Now we're going to stop doing that and be together."

In a statement, CSN Philly said, "John has been a valued member of the CSN Philly team and we wish him all the best as he joins his wife Colleen in California."