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Jon Gosselin to make stripping debut in Atlantic City this weekend

Jon Gosselin has been everything from a DJ to a T.G.I. Friday’s line cook since TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 came to an end, but this weekend in Atlantic City, he’ll reportedly add another job to the list: Male stripper.

Jon Gosselin has been everything from a DJ to a T.G.I. Friday's line cook since TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 came to an end, but this weekend in Atlantic City, he'll reportedly add another job to the list: male stripper.

Gosselin, 39, confirmed with Entertainment Tonight that he will perform in the "Untamed Male Review," a burlesque-style show featuring male exotic dancers, at Dusk Nightclub in Caesars Atlantic City on April 1. The father of eight previously teased the performance on social media, calling it his "big debut."

"I work at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I'm a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with promotion," Gosselin told ET. "I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome."

The performance is not an April Fool's joke, according to multiple reports. Gosselin's stripping debut will take place as part of his Senate DJ promotion duties on April 1, his 40th birthday.

"I'm an integral part of the show," Gosselin said. "Being part of something is a blessing. Since I joined Senate DJ, I've felt like I belong to something, and I'm not just out there on my own — I feel as if I'm part of a fraternity or brotherhood."

As TMZ notes, Gosselin won't be donning his full birthday suit for the occasion. Instead, he will be "stripping down to his undies" only.

The "Untamed" website echoes that sentiment, writing that it is "not a strip show," and, as such, performers "remain tasteful and will always leave something to your imagination" during their dances.

Gosselin first entered the public eye with the success of Surviving Sextuplets, a 2005 Discovery Health reality TV show that lead to TLC's Jon and Kate Pus 8 in 2007. That show dealt with Gosselin's marriage to Kate Gosselin, and the pair's efforts to raise their eight children — one set of twins and one set of sextuplets.

The Gosselins' divorced in 2009; TLC re-branded the show Kate Plus 8 after Jon Gosselin left the production. He has continued working in entertainment, primarily working as a promoter and DJ. In July, news broke that Gosselin also was serving as a cook at T.G.I. Friday's in Lancaster, though he reportedly donated his checks to charity.

The father of eight told Yahoo last year that he and his ex-wife barely talk anymore, and that he struggles to spend time with his children. He claimed at the time that a custody agreement allowed him overnight stays each weekend, and weekly dinners with his kids, but that he had not seen his son Collin for more than a year.

"It's unfair of her to do that, considering she claims that she does her best for all my kids," Gosselin told Yahoo. " 'I'm perfect.' No one's perfect, honey. Trust me."

Tickets to Gosselin's upcoming stripping gig run $40, and currently are available online.